Schedule & Fee
DEZC Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Of Dharma Eye Zen Center,
A California Non-Profit Religious Corporation
February 15, 2016

A Regular meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Edgehill Mansion on the campus of Dominican University of California, 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901.

Board Members present: Henry Frummer, Christine Palmer, Tom Millard, Lane Olson, Tarané Sayler
Others present: Seido Lee DeBarros, Ray Creager

1. Approval of Minutes
The December 7, 2015 were approved as amended.

2. Next Board Meeting
The next board meeting is scheduled for April 4, 2016, at 5:15.

3. Co-Leader Report
• Scheduling for doan training is in progress after set date of Feb. 13th was miscommunicated.
• A review of forms was discussed at the last practice committee meeting. It was suggested that Tom and Christine present forms last Monday evening, Feb. 8th, which they did.
• A ‘Book Read/Discussion’ will be scheduled beginning in March. The Four Noble Truths by Ajahn Sumedho will be the text. Christine has ordered five copies and it was approved that she order an additional 10 copies. It was also approved that she be reimbursed for all copies for a total of $40.
• It was noted that attendance could be encouraged when invited guest speakers are offering dharma talks.
• Chris Jones will be the next Shuso. There will be a One Day Sitting April 2nd which will include a ‘Shuso Entering Ceremony.’ More details to follow.

4. Treasurer’s Report
• End of January bank balance was $11,742.33, with several check as yet uncleared.
• A review of income/expenditures for fiscal year 2015-2015 was reviewed. Income was $8,519. Expenditures was $2.789.32
• An annual Statement of Information was submitted to the IRS along with a $20 fee.
• End-of Year donations totaled $1,520 with 17 contributors. It was suggested that all board members offer an end of the year donation.
• Our current insurance policy ($690/yr) will end in October. Lane will research other resources, which may be of a lower cost.
• Current membership was reviewed. Lane will contact a few individuals regarding clarification on their preferred membership status.
• It was suggested that Co-Leaders receive a monthly honorarium. Discussion tabled until the next board meeting. Henry will investigate teaching dana at other sanghas.
• Dharma Eye received a thank you note from Hospice By the Bay for in donation in honor of Hermina Rosskopf.
• Branching Streams has asked for all sanghas to contribute a membership fee. For sanghas with less than 25 members the fee is $100. It was approved that Lane send a check.
• AutoDesk makes a considerable ‘matching funds’ contribution for one our sangha member’s membership pledge.

4. Annual Officer Review
The role of officers for 2016: President/Henry; Treasurer/Lane; Members-at-Large/Tarane and Clay. Role of secretary was filled by Christine for this meeting. Christine has spoken to Neymar about filling this position, as an appointment, until the next board election in the fall.

• Ethics Statement tabled.
• There was discussion of email distribution lists. It was decided that, currently, Lane using a membership mailing list, Christine using a monthly email list and our general database, was adequate.
• It was approved that Tarane research the cost of printing a bookmark that could be included with next end-of-year letter and as a gift to members. Tarane will also present to the board her fee for service for this project.

• Christine will order 10 more copies of The Four Noble Truths.
• Lane will research insurance companies for a lower premium, will contact some sangha members re: their membership preferences and send donation to Branching Streams.
• Henry will research leadership honoraria.