Schedule & Fee
DEZC Board Meeting Minutes


Board Approved
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting   
Of Dharma Eye Zen Center,
A California Non-Profit Religious Corporation
March 2, 2015

A Regular meeting of the Board  of Directors was held at Edgehill Mansion on the campus of Dominican University of California , 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901.
Board Members present:  Clay Howard, Henry Frummer, Christine Palmer, Tom Millard, Tarané Sayler.
Also present:  Lane Olsen, Treasurer

Note:  Action Items  are denoted by AI# and are listed in the “Action Items” Section  below.

1.     The next Board meeting was set for 5:45pm, Apr 6, 2015.
     The Minutes for the Jan. 19, 2015 Board Meeting were approved.  (AI 1)
     Priest’s Report by Christine Palmer
a.    Branching  Streams:  A link exists on the SFZC website.
    Practice Committee Meeting topics:
                                                       i.     Practice period
                                                     ii.     Ethics Statement
                                                   iii.     Schedule – inviting guest speakers, including more Way Seeking Mind Talks.
4.  Treasurer’s Report by Lane
1.  Lane submitted the Report which showed a bank account balance of $9585.04.
2.  Rick submitted a request for a $90 reimbursement for Donor Letter expenses which he incurred (without a receipt).  Motion to make the reimbursement was approved.
3.  IRS Form 990 filing discussion:
Bing has filed in the past;   Lane is willing to  take this task on.
Motion by Henry to have Lane decide this issue after consulting with Bing was approved.                5.DEZC record box:  Henry  to receive it from Rick.  (AI 2)
6.  Secretary Box:  Clay to receive the Box and review it.  (AI 3)
7.  Communication discussion:
Membership topics:
                                                     iv.     Inviting people to join and inviting members to renew their memberships.  Memberships are staggered.   A proposal to invite each member on their renewal date received no follow-up, although   a proposal could be made.
                                                       v.     Tom proposed a “Thank you for your donation.” letter.
                                                     vi.     Henry to talk to Members who have not paid  (AI 4).
                                                   vii.     Motion to appoint Lane to Membership Chair was approved.
                                                 viii.     Christine’s email last month is an example of the enhanced communication with members that we have been talking about.
            8.  Paypal Account use:  Tarané will look into this and report details.  (AI  6)
Action Items:
1.    (Clay)  Send a copy of the approved Board Mtg. Minutes to Tarané with the label, ‘APPROVED’
    (Henry)  Henry to get the DEZC President’s Box  from Rick.
    (Clay)  Clay to receive and review the Secretary Box.
    (Henry)  will talk to those members (Ray, Rick, Caroline, Dave) who have not paid.
     (Tarané)  Investigate use of Paypal.
Respectfully submitted by Clay Howard.