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DEZC Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Of Dharma Eye Zen Center,
A California Non-Profit Religious Corporation
Jan. 19, 2015

A Regular meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Edgehill Mansion on the campus of Dominican University of California , 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901.

Board Members present: Natalie Davidson, Clay Howard, Henry Frummer, Christine Palmer, Tom Millard, Tarané Sayler.

Also Present: Lee de Barros

    Results of the election were as follows:
    President: Henry Frummer
    Secretary: Clay Howard
    Member at Large: Tarané Sayler
        -Donations go to DEZC
        -Letter of Affirmation was submitted
        6. New Business:
        - Christine proposed that DEZC furnish a 3-pack of dish towels to the Siena Center kitchen (Proposal Approved)
        - Christine suggested that the By-laws be reviewed at the next Board meeting.
        - Henry offered an agenda item for the next meeting: DEZC budget.
        - Henry offered an agenda item for next meeting regarding communication between the board and the sangha, including membership form, renewal of membership
        - Henry suggested that we make a retroactive donation for the chapel use.
        - Henry noted that discussions with Dominican are more complicated that formerly and suggested that Christine continue as liaison with Fr. Bob and negotiate with Fr. Bob on the use fee issue. Christine accepted this proposal.
        7. Treasurer’s report: Lane submitted the Report which showed a bank account balance of $9585.04.
        8. Membership form action item (Christine).
        9. Move to send $100 per day for three days this year (Cf. zero for last year).
        Actions Items:
        . Agenda item for next board meeting: Budget (Henry).
        - Membership form (Henry)
        - Donation of 3-pack of dish towels to Sierra Center (Christine)