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DEZC Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of Dharma Eye Zen Center a California
Non-Profit Religious Corporation

December 22, 2014

A regular meeting for the board of directors was held at the Edgewood Mansion on the Campus of Dominican University of California, 50 Acacia Ave. San Rafael CA 94901

Present were the following board members:Natalie Davidson, Chris Jones, Tom Millard, Rick Morton, Christine Palmer.

Also Present: Lee de Barros, Clay Howard, Henry Frummer

• The next board meeting is scheduled for January 19 at 5:45 pm.

• Minutes from the last board meeting were approved. It was decided that from now on:
• Minutes will be posted on website. An email will be sent to members alerting them to the posting,
• Minutes from previous mtg will be resent just before next brd mtg to ‘refresh’ memories of the brd about previous discussions and action items.
• An agenda will be sent to members prior to the brd mtg
• Head Priests Report by Christine Palmer: Christine is seeking board approval for:
• The Letter of Affiliation for the Dharma Sewing Teachers Association. Approved
• The Statement of Ethics.
• The DEZC Officer Job Descriptions.
Copies of all these documents were handed out.
Action was postponed until board members have a chance to review them.
Bellam Storage Unit:
• All board members will be given the combination to unlock the storage unit.
• The combination must not be included in any e-mail.
• Christine has been checking boxes, many of which were given to her by Lane.
• Payment for the storage $600 for six months, with 1 month free, if paid on time.
• The next payment, due in January was approved by the board..
Sensory Awareness Class.
• Christine suggested, that DEZC should consider a sensory awareness class presented by D’arcy Reynolds
• There will be a $25 per person fee for each session.
• Tabled for further discussion.
Date of Sesshin
• Christine has been negotiating with Father Bob about the use of the chapel for our sesshin.

• Use of the other rooms in Edgehill Mansion is too expensive.
• Father Bob remembered that another group uses the chapel Sunday afternoons on the 2nd Sunday of the month.
• The date of the sesshin will be determined at the Practice Committee meeting Monday, December 29.

Treasurers Report.
• Lane provided the reconciliations for October and November.
• Register ending balance on December 6, 2014: $8,006.70. .
• It was decided the secretary will produce an annual reminder of dues for all members.

Communication with Greater Sanga
• It was felt we need to communicate better with the greater sanga. Suggestions were a) renewal of membership form every year to define membership in the greater sanga. b) Focusing on our website for general communication. c) use of Developing a good general membership e-mail list from our database.
• Henry volunteered to prepare some options.

Soto Zen Buddhist Association meeting (Branching Streams) in South Carolina.
• Natalie Davidson has volunteered to represent DEZC at Branching Streams.
• There is no word yet whether scholarship funds will be available from Branching Streams
• The board voted up to $600 to provide airfare to the attendee.

Action Items:
• All board members - Review DEZC officer job descriptions.
• All board members - Statement of Ethics.
• Board president - Send agenda and copy of minutes to all board members before next meeting.

Respectfully submitted:
Chris Jones for Kathy Chaney.